Reciprocal Teaching/ReQuest

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Reciprocal teaching in literacy

When using reciprocal teaching, students assume the responsibility for leading and teaching a text to their peers.  The teacher models the approaches that are to be used, and then students are provided with opportunities to lead instruction, pose questions to the class, and demonstrate critical learning.  The teacher serves as a resource for the students to use but avoids directly instructing the class as a group.

Reciprocal teaching in music

Reciprocal teaching can be used by having students become the director of music.  The teacher may or may not continue to conduct the ensemble, but the student provides the direction of what is to be worked on and how issues in the music are going to be strategically approached.  This provides students with a broader perspective of the music than their immediate parts and makes individuals responsible for critical thinking in music that is necessary for independent musicianship.


A variant of this is to have a small group of students serve as the clinicians for the group.  This group collaborates together in rehearsing the music, allowing for all students to display critical thinking without putting individual students on the spot before the entire ensemble.

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