Intra-Act Reflection in literacy

This strategy connects individual student conclusions to the text and their personal experience allowing for reflection on the reading of texts.  Intra-Act has 4 different phases:

  • Comprehension-Students individually create meaning from the text.

  • Relational-Students connect what they have learned from this text to other texts and experiences.

  • Valuation-Students evaluate their personal feelings and values regarding the topic.

  • Reflective-Students take their comprehension, relations, and values into consideration and identify how their meaning is created.

This strategy recognizes that students construct meaning not only from the text but their previous experiences and personal values.

Intra-Act Reflection in music

Often times, students express the relative goodness or badness of a piece of music without considering what elements of the music warranted these reactions.  The Intra-Act process provides a way to carefully consider the music itself, the student’s previous experiences, and the student’s own values.  Students can be asked to create a response to a given section of music and then consider these various factors so that they come to better understand their own critical processes.

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